Duncan Hyundai

Hyundai Accent Exterior Design

2013 Accent 5 Door Exterior

An element of design.

Even at rest, the Accent is a marvel to look at. Dynamic lines with deep grooves create a sporty profile, while everything from the distinctive hexagonal grille to strong wheel arches give the Accent a modern look while still keeping true to its fun-loving spiritI.

2012 Accent 5-doors 16-inch Alloy Wheels

Available 16" Alloy Rims

The all-new Accent comes standard with 14" steel wheels and attractive wheel covers. For a sportier look, 16" alloys are standard equipment on the GLS.

2013 Accent Exterior -Projector Beam Headlights

Sophisticated Headlights

Using a concave lens to surround a lightbulb, the Accent focuses its light onto a single point about an inch in front of the lightbulb. The results are increased range and brightness, while reducing glare from oncoming cars.

2013 Accent Exterior - Bold, Fluid Design

Fluidic Sculpture Design

The signature Hyundai design principle is inspired by movement and crafted into every vehicle. Whether viewed in profile or head on, fluidic sculpture design gives the vehicle a unique, sporty look.

2013 Accent Mirror-Mounted Turn Signals

Mirror Mounted Turn Signals

With large side-view mirrors, the Accent offers drivers a wide view of rear and side-rear traffic for added safety, while available side repeater lights alert other drivers to your intentions when turning or changing lanes.

2012 Accent 5-doors Sunroof


Connect with sun, sky and fresh air with an available power tilt-and-slide, one-touch glass sunroof.