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Hyundai Accent 5 Door

2012 Accent

Uncompromised Style, Space and Fuel Efficiency.

The 2013 Accent challenges the small car category by giving drivers everything they need while not holding back on the extras they want. With the 2013 Accent you get space, style and safety, while still getting exceptional fuel efficiency. Best of all, driving an Accent is fun. At Hyundai, we believe that purchasing a small car is no longer about making compromises ? and this is what separates the Accent from the rest.

2013 Accent Exterior


Take a look around and you'll notice that most hatchbacks look cute. There's nothing wrong with cute, but it's possible to be cute and so much more.

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2013 Accent interior


The 2013 Accent is anything but small when it comes to its interior. The intelligent design creatively maximizes space and within it you'll find plenty of standard and available features.

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2013 Accent Safety


Every Accent is equipped with a set of standard safety features that offer an exceptional level of protection for you and your passengers.

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2013 Accent Performance


The primary measure of a small car is fuel consumption, and the Hyundai Accent is at the top of its game.

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